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The world is becoming more global, but unfortunately also less safe. The burden of ensuring the safety of travelling employees has never been more onorous, or the responsibility more important. By knowing where travellers are throughout their trips, you will be able to do business in more places, for longer, while also fulfilling your duty of care responsibilities.

Voyage Tracker tracks the location of travellers anywhere in the world, making travel safer. The information it provides can also be used to mitigate tax exposure and protect travellers from credit card fraud.

Tracking Technologies

Travel Tracker is the first universal real-time tracking platform to combine the tracking power of smart phones, dedicated tracking devices and satellite phones into a single seamless solution for comprehensive global coverage, even in the most remote locations.

Voyage Tracker Apps

The Voyage Tracker app is available in iOS, Android and Windows versions. It can easily be downloaded and installed from the relevant app store. Once a phone has been registered, it will be ready to be tracked.

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Dedicated tracking devices are ready to be used by travellers at a moment's notice. Once a device has been registered, it can be associated with a traveller at the click of a button, and tracking can start immediately.

Satellite phones are more expensive than the other tracking alternatives offered by Voyage Tracker. However, they provide true global coverage, and work where mobile networks are unavailable or disabled.

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A geofence is a virtual perimeter drawn around a real-world geographic area. Voyage Tracker allows you to create a geofence around any location in the world, to define safe or at-risk areas. When a device enters or leaves the area covered by a geofence, the system can notify the traveller or administrators of the breach, and appropriate action can be taken.

Geofences can be set up to be enabled or disabled automatically based on changing conditions, such as increased or decreased risk in an area. They can also be configured to be active at certain times, or on certain days.

By optionally combining Voyage Tracker with other Voyage Manager products, you will also be able to set up georoutes. A georoute defines the path that an employee is supposed to be taking. It may, for example, map out a known safe route through a city or area. Any deviation from the specified georoute will trigger an alert.


All versions of Voyage Tracker include panic or SOS buttons. If an employee activates the alarm, the system immediately notifies the specified recipients. These can be administrators or other contacts within the company, or a security and assistance firm.

Voyage Tracker also incorporates a check-in facility, which enables travellers to pro-actively confirm that they are OK. Travellers may opt to check in on a regular basis, or when particular events take place, such as arriving at a destination or checking into a flight.

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The Voyage Tracker API enables you to access your tracking data from within your own apps or services. Alternatively, we can send tracking data to your own servers in real time as XML or JSON.

Innovating Ahead

As the legal requirement to document the time spent in various jurisdictions is becoming significantly stricter, it is essential to have access to a full, accurate record of where all your people have been, and for how long.

By combining Voyage Tracker with other Voyage Manager products, you unlock a completely new way of logging location activity. Voyage Tracker data combines with Voyage Security's itinerary data and Voyage Expense's expense records to produce a comprehensive audit trail of where travellers have been. This offers unparalleled levels of detail to satisfy authorities and compliance requirements.

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